The Living Street Project

Photo Story, Literature, Aphorism

Living Streets Project was commenced in the early 2016 by Kadıköy Municipality in collaboration with the Urban Design Directorate. Living Streets is intended to raise the awareness about the streets in Kadıköy where the artists lived. The project was intended to generate the aphorisms by the famous writers on the pavements and to be placed on the sidewalks of their house. Also, the different medium was used on the project to represent the ideas.

The first step of this project was with Cemal Süreya, one of the favorite writers who lived in Caferaga, Kadıköy in 1980s. His five popular aphorism written there are “Hayat kısa kuşlar uçuyor.”, “Özgürlüğün geldiği gün, o gün ölmek yasak.”, “Umulmadık bir gün olabilir bugün, bir çay söyle yağmurların kokusunda.”, “Öyle sevdim ki seni, öylesine sensin ki, kuşlar gibi cıvıldar tattırdığın acılar.”, “Güzelsin sevgilim ama çok yakından!”. These comprise of his widely known and memorable poems chosen as aphorism for general attention.

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Cemal Süreya

Cemal Süreya Street in Moda, Kadıköy / Project Works

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