Graduation Project from Yeditepe University, Photography, Exhibition and Installation

The Captivity Exhibition at CKM, Kadıköy, Istanbul in 2013

The University is a door that open to life after the processing of twelve-year education.

Let’s remember step by step how the university preparation process;

Our choice of profession (proper our talent) is according to our intend to become area of expertise and to line of work.To achieve our aim, we have to take university exams after high school. We get a score according to process of twelve-year education (school,private teaching institution). We can be eligible to attend the university and faculty, or not. If the results are not enough to achieve our aim, we can randomly choose a university or try our chance next year.

Testing system (ÖSYS), which has been started and has been developed according to chanced conditions since 1960, affects life of students.

System has been developed according to imperfections that have been specified by governments. But there is not overcoming the problems. Still, do exams categorize students.

It’s name was ÖSS and current name of two-stage university entrance exams are YGS and LYS which are examine in students. These exams designate the place of students in society, the perspective of social environment, family respect and position in life.

The Captivity Exhibition in 2013

The Installation

The students who completed 12 years of necessary time for education system in Turkey to prepare to entern their student selection,placement exams (YGS, LYS)’s, these exams effect their psychology such as mental depression, stress and pressure, so installation targets to the audience would be emphatized with the students to face their experiences.